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World Wide Live  Interactive Video Presentations


    Dave’s motivational presentations are now available through real-time live interactive video conferencing.  His inspiring presentations, relating lessons learned from his 5 & 1/2 year POW experience to work and life’s challenges, are now available live through video conferencing technology. 


    Taking advantage of live video conferencing will save your organization all travel and per diem expenses.  Plus for a limited time, Dave is so certain of his impact through live video conferencing that he will discount his fee in order to prove it to you.  As always, Dave guarantees your satisfaction with his presentations – or he will return your fee.


    We are excited to be able to make this offer.  Act now contact Dave,  or Marcia Snow,,  for details and availability. 


    In March 2008 Dave was the keynote speaker the Texas Distance Learning Association’s annual conference. The conference, with one thousand attendees, was in Galveston, Texas. Dave was in Austin. Below are some of the attendees’ responses to Dave’s live video presentation:

Attendees' Responses To Dave's Live Video Presentation

Subject: Re: thanks 


    Thank you, Dave, for a wonderful presentation.  I'm sure you hear it all the time, but we were on the edge of our seats.  Everyone commented on how powerful the program was.... crying one minute, laughing the next! 


    I wish that I could take credit for the scheduling, but Rhonda Blackburn was responsible for the conference.  I also want to thank Polycom again for their sponsorship of the presentation and for arranging the connection; it added so much to the conference experience.


    I received a copy of your book; I am anxious to begin reading, and will definitely share it with my colleagues. 


    Thank you again for an uplifting and inspiring presentation.

Laurie Hogle

Interactive Video
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